The Critical Theory Workshop, in collaboration with the University of the Commons, is proposing an online summer program that will run in parallel to the July workshop in Paris. Participants in the program will meet with the facilitator and organizers in online virtual symposiums to discuss the material, contribute to discussion boards to generate questions for the invited speakers, watch livestreamed and/or recordings of the discussions in Paris (which will include the contribution of the questions generated in the discussion boards), present their own research projects, and receive peer feedback. In addition to participating in the discussion boards, the program will include 6 livestreamed and/or recorded sessions, 3 research workshops, and 3 virtual discussion sessions (see below for the full schedule). Rather than doing required assignments, participants are encouraged to work on their own research projects, developing them in a context within which they are engaging with the work of leading critical theorists and a vibrant international community of scholars. Upon successful completion of the program, all of the participants will receive a certificate from the Critical Theory Workshop & the University of the Commons.